Capture, Measure and Demonstrate all of your Social Value

A comprehensive and defensible solution
for the measurement and reporting of social value

Thrive is the leading platform chosen by industry to measure social value in line with government guidance

Our mix of experience, innovation and support makes us the partner of choice for both public and private sector organisations


Data Capture & Storytelling

Bring to life the difference you make, with our market-leading data collection functionality. Easily collect qualitative and quantitative data from all internal staff and suppliers.


Dashboards & Reporting

Tailor your reporting to meet your organisation’s needs. Display your data in a range of engaging ways, for any stakeholder, including creating branded reports.


Reporting Frameworks

The Impact Evaluation Standard (IES) can come built in to the Thrive platform. Or, add other reporting frameworks to meet bespoke client or corporate reporting requirements.

Thrive in Action

See how T&B Contractors use Thrive to maximise their social value delivery and streamline their projects.

Demonstrate Your Value to Society

Thrive software tracks activities and metrics and calculates the social value outcome.

Is your organisation bidding for public sector contracts or do you need a more comprehensive way to quantify your corporate responsibility (CR) and Environmental, Social and Governence (ESG) activities?

The Thrive platform empowers you and your organisation to identify, capture and report on all of your social value impacts, using our proprietary framework metrics or by adding your own.

Here at Thrive, we bring it all together for you to tell your organisation’s impact story.

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Flexible Reporting

Flexible Reporting Frameworks & Methodology

The Thrive system is unique because it’s the only platform accredited to use the Impact Evaluation Standard (IES) reporting framework.

The Impact Evaluation Standard comes built in and ensures compliance with UK government guidance, giving you a ‘common language’ to use when conveying your impact.

In addition, you can import other reporting frameworks, metrics and proxies giving you complete reporting flexibility to meet other project or organisational needs.

Full Support & Consulting

Not sure where to start? We are here to help.

Our social value reporting software is a solution supported by a team of UK-based experts.

At Thrive, our team of experienced social value advisors will support and guide you through a full-system configuration, training and implementation, as well as provide ongoing account management.

We also deliver our expertise on social value through consulting services from bid writing support to full social value strategy creation. We ensure your organisation has a clear and concise path to maximising its social value delivery and reporting.

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Reporting Software

Tailored Dashboards & Reporting

Delivered to you accurately and instantly and tailorable to meet your organisation’s requirements.

Our dashboard overviews key metrics, targets and projects, allowing you to understand your social value delivery at a glance.

Produce your own branded qualitative and quantitative reports for management, client or publicly released collateral.

Market Leading Data Collection & Assurance

Do you need innovative software to help you collect all of your social value data?

Our unique data collection functionality avoids under-reporting by automatically tracking and following up with participating stakeholders to ensure you get the data and evidence you need.

Our built-in auditing functionality ensures the data you collect is fully justifiable. Collect and display everything from your project in a smart and easy manner.

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Thrive forecasting

Social Value
Estimates & Forecasting

Thrive’s estimator tool can be used to forecast project-specific estimates of social value, or to help hone your longer term organisational goals.

Create comprehensive bids, assist tender preparation or plan your ESG/Corporate Responsibility targets.

You can engage your stakeholders in this process too – this even includes a simple way to involve your supply chain, helping you keep your records neat and easy.


“Thrive is able to help us deliver commercial value to our clients who are now able to get accurate and rich reporting of key metrics in relation to our social value performance. It also helps to build that narrative and tell a story as well. This hasn’t just been for government clients, it’s also been increasingly for our private clients as more and more are interested in our social value journey.”

Sue Owen-Bailey

Social Innovation and Sustainability Manager

Equifax UK


“Thrive was the only tool that gave us the flexibility to report and measure what is important to us and our clients, without compromising the amount of financial support we can give to our social value activities.”

Victoria Rutherford

Bid Co-Ordinator

T&B (Contractors) Ltd

What else can Thrive help you with?

We understand that sometimes your requirements are broader. Thrive’s modules can integrate seamlessly with each other to provide you with a comprehensive community investment software platform. Take a look at what else we can do.

Manage Volunteering


End-to-end management of all of your employee volunteering opportunities. From helping promote opportunities in your own branded portal through to collecting feedback on the impact of your programme from participants and charities, as well as tailorable reports to meet your needs.

Lewisham homes case study

Donation &
Grant Management

Used by our customers to manage anywhere from 20 to 10,000+ applications per year, our donation and grant management module is built to scale with your needs. Its flexibility allows customers to use it for any application management scenario.


& Strategy

Whether you are just starting out along the journey and need guidance on what community investment or social value means to you, or you are already far along the path and want help to take the next steps, our team of experienced, independent consultants are here to help..

Useful Resources

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At Thrive we are committed to building a community of informed and proactive organisations. So we put a lot of focus on providing resources, reading material and industry contacts to help you on your social impact journey. Have a read of our blog or check out our handy resources below.

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