Employee Volunteering & Fundraising

Thrive's feature-rich engagement and management solutions module

A volunteering and fundraising module that brings maturity, dynamism and efficiency to your employee volunteering programme

From increasing engagement to streamlining programmes -
you choose the priorities


Whether you need to promote new and existing opportunities or measure the impact of completed projects – our volunteering module gets results.

02Management Dashboards

Simple to set up, your dashboard can showcase current opportunities and participation, manage remote locations, review funding requests and much more.

Your Impact

Sharable data at your fingertips. Effortlessly collate hundreds of stories, photos and event feedback ready for you to communicate through your own channels.

04Easy, Real-Time

Collect and configure all that you need. Get real-time insights into how your social projects are progressing or align your reports with your chosen framework.

Promote Volunteering Opportunities

Maximise staff engagement and social impact

The Thrive platform excels at creating and promoting opportunities with its multi-faceted approach.

Whatever your organisation needs to elevate a new or existing programme or event – the results and possibilities from the Thrive platform are exceptionally impactful.

Volunteering Software on Laptop


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Management Dashboard

Your fundraising and volunteering are centralised all in one place.

With our feature-rich, easy-to-use dashboard, you can receive and manage volunteering suggestions and requests from staff or charities.

Track and manage central oversight on all your organisation’s volunteering activities across specific locations and local management.

Accurately track participation, including dropouts and no-shows, with automatic notifications to participants if details change.

Uncover Your Impact

Are you ready to show off your social impact?

The Thrive platform follows up automatically with volunteers and charities to give your programme a pulse. It seamlessly collects hundreds of pieces of feedback to increase your storytelling and results.

“Launching Thrive early in the project enabled us to promote a professional and organised internal platform for staff to choose opportunities, which in turn encouraged confidence in sign-up. By tracking engagement from the very start of the project we have rapidly built solid data to start reporting back to the business and our community partners.”
Kirsty ScarlettHead of Community Engagement
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Bespoke to you

Reports that you need can be created in an instant.

Get real-time insights into how your volunteering or fundraising is progressing, coupled with exportable, tailored management reports.

For those wanting to take their impact analysis even deeper, align with your chosen social value framework.

Thrive software on desktop insights tables

Thrive in Action

See how VolkerWessels UK used Thrive
to create a bespoke employee portal
"With Thrive's Social Value module we can track and report on what is important to us and to our clients, without spending hours pulling together statistics from different departments each time."
Rebecca Leake

Global Corporate Responsibility Manager

“In a business so focused on time recording, it was ironic that for half the firm, logging volunteering time effectively proved so hard. We needed an accessible, intuitive system which not only captured this activity but also helped it to grow by better promotion and sign up. I am delighted at how well our partnership with Thrive has achieved this.”
Matt Sparkes

Head of Corporate Responsibility

What else can Thrive help you with?

We understand that sometimes your requirements are broader. Thrive’s modules can integrate seamlessly with each other to provide you with a comprehensive community investment software platform. Take a look at what else we can do.
Social Value Module
Whether it’s a procurement requirement or a desire for a more comprehensive and quantifiable way to report your CR and ESG activities, Thrive’s social value solution provides a robust and defensible way to easily capture and report your organisation’s social value.
Grants and Donations
Used by our customers to manage anywhere from 20 to 10,000+ applications per year, our donation and grant management module is built to scale with your needs. Its flexibility allows customers to use it for any application management scenario.
Whether you are just starting out along the journey and need guidance on what community investment or social value means to you, or you are already far along the path and want help to take the next steps, our team of experienced, independent consultants are here to help.
Useful Resources

Learn more in Resources

At Thrive we are committed to building a community of informed and proactive organisations. So we put a lot of focus on providing resources, reading material and industry contacts to help you on your social impact journey. Have a read of our blog or check out our handy resources below.

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