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Social value in 2024

Social value in 2024

As 2024 kicks off, we thought we would take a look at some of the key areas to pay attention to if...

Highways UK Event Recap

Highways UK Event Recap

Its been nearly 2 weeks since Highways UK, and so I want to reflect on the panel discussion...

Social Value – a Glossary

Making sure you understand the language of social value means you can communicate more effectively about your own strategies.


Find Social Value in your Business

Did you know that your existing activities may be creating social value? Before you embark on creating new social value strategies, we show you how to identify opportunities within your existing business and what to do with what you uncover.


Essential reading for your social impact journey


What is PPN 06/20?

If you are an organisation providing services to the government, it is best you equip yourself with the policy changes within PPN 06/20.

Is CSR dead

Is CSR Dead?

Struggling with the myths and legacies of CSR strategy? We take you through 3 key points to consider when crafting a new way forward in CSR.

ESG or Social Value

ESG vs Social Value

Do you hear the terms ESG and social value used and are not sure which means what? We explain the differences and how to maximise impact.

Thrive Snapshot

Download this easy to digest and easy to share snapshot of Thrive - who we are and what we do

External documents to support your journey

The Social model value
PPN 06/20 says that Central Government Departments, their Executive Agencies and Non Departmental Public Bodies (referred to as In-Scope Organisations) must give 10% weighting to social value in all tenders.
SDGs Logo
The Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs), were adopted by all United Nations Member States in 2015 as a universal call to action to end poverty, protect the planet and ensure that all people enjoy peace and prosperity by 2030.
Welsh gov logo
Welsh Community Benefits measurement tool adopts a method of procurement for construction and infrastructure in Wales, ensuring value for money is considered in the very widest sense when contracting in the public sector.
Scottish futures logo
Community Benefits Toolkit for Construction from the Scottish Futures Trust.
Iris logo
IRIS+ is the generally accepted system for measuring, managing and optimising impact.
HM Treasury logo
The HM Treasury Green Book is guidance on appraising policies, programmes and projects.

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Thrive is the only software platform accredited to use
the Impact Evaluation Standard

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External organisations supporting social impact

G Cloud
Thrive is an HM Government approved supplier of Social Value Software Solutions.
Social Value UK
Social Value UK is the professional body for social value and impact management.
UK’s professional body for Corporate Responsibility and Sustainability (CRS).
Giving Tuesday
Giving Tuesday is a global movement that inspires millions of people to give, collaborate and celebrate generosity on a particular day.
Iris logo
LM3 Online enables you to calculate your organisation’s local economic impact on its community.
The national voice of local government, working with councils to support, promote and improve local government.