Our Social Value

Creating a positive impact is at the heart of everything at Thrive.  It is why we exist as an organisation. 

While we work to amplify our customers’ impact, we also strive to maximise our own

What is Social Value?

Social value can mean different things to different people, organisations or sectors. But broadly, it can be thought of as:


All of the value created by your organisation beyond income and profit. It includes economic improvement, environmental benefit, and social wellbeing.


Our social value

We are continually evolving and expanding our social value activities to make sure we can create the best impact through our people and for our people.

Team Volunteering

Positive impact is at our core. All staff have 2 paid volunteering days annually, to be used for team volunteering, personal volunteering and mentoring initiatives.

Charity Support

Thrive donates to a range of charities and community groups each year, provides discounted pricing on our products for non-profits and offers ‘pro-bono’ to good causes.

START Programme

Thrive’s START Programme offers early-stage entrepreneurs free support, covering all the core business faculties necessary for success. 

Careful Partners

We choose our partners and suppliers based on their ethics and processes. We use green power, sustainable equipment and ethical suppliers

Low Waste Offices

We follow a ‘low waste’ philosophy in our offices. We know we cannot eliminate waste but our processes endeavour to promote environmental responsibility

Employee Support

All staff access physical wellbeing initiatives, mental health first aid, flexible working, health insurance, tailored L&D plans and fair wages – well above the living wage.

to make a difference

The START Programme by Thrive offers free, comprehensive mentoring for early-stage B2B tech startups. Participants get direct support covering marketing, sales, customer success, product development and more. Ideal for founders or small teams with an MVP and early traction.


Thrive gave us a lot of very actionable insights, plus they managed to communicate what Workstream does, better than we have!

– Danny Stuart, Workstream

Social value in action

It takes a village…

Our latest team volunteering day was in collaboration with The Conservation Volunteers (TCV) and focused on fostering biodiversity at a tree nursery local to our head office.

We cleared debris and improved the security fencing to stop rabbits from eating the new native species being grown at the Ulster Folk and Transport Museum

Thrive’s partnership with TCV is mutually beneficial. TCV relies on an army of passionate volunteers to carry out its vital conservation work and Thrive benefits from the opportunity to get involved in meaningful outdoor activities that improve our physical and mental health and wellbeing.

Learn more about why voluntering is good for your business


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Social value professional services

How to create social value

Social value isn’t just for project or site-based businesses

Social value may be an easier concept to understand if you are a business that delivers physical outputs – you create buildings or hire apprentices. But what about service-based businesses – how can you create social value?

From mentoring and delivering educational talks, to community outreach, smarter purchasing and enacting a net-zero strategy, there are many ways professional services can deliver meaningful and impactful social value.


Social value in your business