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from stand-alone to supporting the deployment of our software platform

Whether you are just starting on the social value journey or you are already far along the path of making a difference

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Social Value Strategy

We can help develop your social value strategy and translate this into practical ways to best capture community investment.

Employee Volunteering

We deliver best practice advice for engaging your workforce, balancing volunteering and your corporate goals whilst maximising results.

Regular Audit Services

Benefit from external auditing through a quarterly assurance of your data; maintain confidence and credibility of your reporting with an annual report.

Custom Metrics and Proxy Development

We help you develop custom metrics and proxy values so your social value reporting aligns with value delivered on the ground.

Bid Writing and Support

We support you with everything, from a quick confidence review of your submissions to fully answering the social value questions in tenders.

Communications Support

Our consultancy helps you with comms tool kits and plans to strengthen and embed the social impact roots deep within your organisation.


 “We were very impressed with the upfront work that Thrive were willing to put in and they had some excellent consultancy services. We were involved in some very, very good workshops. It was great to see that we weren’t just being sold a software package and off we go. It was a good experience.”

Mark Hickson

Managing Director

T&B (Contractors) Ltd


“Social value isn’t a term that everyone’s familiar with and Thrive really helped us to communicate that to the staff, and to find out what was important to them.”

Victoria Rutherford

Bid Co-Ordinator

T&B (Contractors) Ltd

Thrive Industries Team work

Social Value Strategy

Are you confident as to where you are on your social value journey?

Do you need to tie together existing features of your social value strategy?
Have you got a coherent approach that represents your company values? Or do you need guidance and expertise on where to start?

We can offer you support across it all.

At Thrive, we not only guide you in developing your social value strategy, but we also teach you how to translate this into practical methods for best capturing data across activities and events.

Bid Writing & Commercial Support

Do you supply central or local government?

Did you know that weightings on social value aspects of bid submissions are now at least 10% and often significantly more? Our consultants can help you understand and achieve these requirements.

We provide bid support, everything from a quick review across your submissions to fully answering the social value questions in your tenders, giving you the confidence and edge to win more business.

Bid Writing
Thrive consultancy audit

Audit Services

Getting it right the first time.

Making sure your approach is adequate and data is accurate is imperative when reporting back to stakeholders.

The Thrive team act as an external auditor to provide quarterly assurance of your data and deliver an annual report to ensure you feel confident in the credibility of your reporting.

Custom Metrics & Proxy Values Development

Accurately measure success aligned to your organisation’s needs.

Often, the metrics included in Thrive’s Impact Evaluation Standard are all you need to report on your social value activities. However, we also understand that there are times when you need a bespoke approach for a particular initiative.

At Thrive, we can develop custom metrics and proxy values for your to ensure your social value is accurately and comprehensively reported.

Flexible Reporting
Thrive Employee Volunteering Module

Employee Volunteering Support

Volunteering programmes look different to pre-COVID.

It is difficult to maintain engagement levels due to restrictions and homeworking but more often than not, the will of employees to participate and volunteer remains when you give them the options.

Thrive provides best practice advice for workforce engagement, whether during restrictive times or fully operational – finding the balance between individual volunteering and meeting your corporate goals is solvable and doable through our guidance and expertise.

Communications Support

We support the success and delivery of your social value.

Community investment and social impact initiatives require everyone to be involved, not just at a management level but also those actively on the ground.

Getting successful buy-in for your programmes to align with your company values can be challenging. Thrive can help plan and execute programmes. We do so by consulting and supporting you through the best use of comms tool kits in parallel with embedding social impact into the fabric of your organisation.

Thrive Communications Support

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Keen to stand out amongst your peers and invest more in the communities around you?

We provide every organisation with the ability to identify, capture and demonstrate the social, economic and environmental value they add to the world.

    What else can Thrive help you with?

    We understand that sometimes your requirements are broader. Thrive’s modules can integrate seamlessly with each other to provide you with a comprehensive community investment software platform. Take a look at what else we can do.

    Social value

    Demonstrate Your
    Value to Society

    Whether it’s a procurement requirement or a desire for a more comprehensive and quantifiable way to report your CR and ESG activities, Thrive’s social value software provides a robust and defensible way to easily capture and report your organisation’s social value.

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    Manage Volunteering


    End-to-end management of all of your employee volunteering opportunities. From helping promote opportunities in your own branded portal through to collecting feedback on the impact of your programme from participants and charities, as well as tailorable reports to meet your needs.

    Read more

    Lewisham homes case study

    Donation &
    Grant Management

    Used by our customers to manage anywhere from 20 to 10,000+ applications per year, our donation and grant management module is built to scale with your needs. Its flexibility allows customers to use it for any application management scenario.

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    Useful Resources

    Learn More In Resources

    At Thrive we are committed to building a community of informed and proactive organisations. So we put a lot of focus on providing resources, reading material and industry contacts to help you on your social impact journey. Have a read of our blog or check out our handy resources below.

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    Thrive is trusted by purpose-driven organisations with a staff of 100 to 100,000+ including:

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