Measure Social Value in the Recruitment Industry

Measure your social value outputs, deliver your tenders in line with CCS procurement requirements, capture your contingent labour data and be confident in your numbers.

Record social value in key areas including D&I, carbon reduction, social mobility and more.


Thrive help you get ahead of the crowd with clear social value outputs.

Providing precise and accurate social value reporting in line with Crown Commercial Service procurement rules. The platform includes:

  • Needs analysis
  • Estimators and forecasters
  • Benchmarking
  • Built in metrics and proxies with clear, transparent methodologies
  • Contract level or business-wide social value management
  • Supply chain involvement
  • Auditing
  • Flexible reports and integration with in house systems
  • Align to UN SDGs and other global frameworks


Consistent Measurement

The Impact Evaluation Standard comes built into Thrive software. This reporting framework, widely used by central governement provides a consistent reporting standard for measuring social value and ensures your compliance with UK government procurement regulation. 


Demonstrate Your Value

Create a social value action plan – demonstrate your value beyond the contract. Whether its data on the contingent workforce, in-house initiatives, supply chain involvement, or to improve your environmental impact – whatever the driver capture it all, leaving nothing forgotten.


Satisfy Procurement Needs

Social value questions are common place in public sector tenders. Use benchmarking, needs analysis and forecasting to deliver the right strategies in the right place, targeting CCS’s key areas of needs. Put yourself in prime position to win or retain the contract. 

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    Thrive in Action

    See how Equifax UK use Thrive and the Impact Evaluation Standard to deliver repeatable and credible social value numbers to central government.

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