Social Value Tracking Essential for SMEs says Kenny Waste Management

Capturing, calculating and tracking social value data does not just have to be for those with thousands of employees and big budgets. It is cost effective – and essential – for SMEs too.

Here Kenny Waste Management – Manchester’s largest independent total waste management business – explain how they can now bring to life all of their social value activities, which has helped them build trust with their customers, and? strengthened relationships in their supply chain.

Social Value Tracking at Kenny Waste Management

“At Kenny Waste Management, being a responsible business is at the heart of what we do. We are making new decisions daily and it is critical to us that our decisions have a positive impact across all parts of our business: in our workplace, within our supply chain, in our local communities and in the environment.

We are determined to demonstrate to other Small & Medium sized Enterprises that being socially minded and creating responsible initiatives need not come at a commercial cost. We can contribute to the communities we live and work in and engage in a competitive landscape. Our aspiration is that we are a leading voice and help others in the Waste Management sector to deliver social and financial value to the communities in which we all work.

Choosing Thrive

That is why we chose to partner with Thrive to track, measure and report on all the activities across our business for each client, each region and in any time period.

Their software system is invaluable for companies like ours who have big ideas, but have to be efficient when we collect and analyze data. With Thrive we can track and report on what is important to us and to our clients, without spending hours pulling together statistics from different departments each time. We know that our service is often one of many among other suppliers on a larger project and it is crucial that we can give real time verified updates on our activities and our outcomes.

Thrive provides a measurement tool which is aligned with government guidance, and places a financial value on the social activities that we do.

For the first time we now have robust data to show exactly how our decisions around inclusive hiring, career training, school engagement and carbon emission reduction to name just a few, can have a financial benefit to our community. Being able to demonstrate the source of this data has helped build trust with our customers, and has strengthened relationships .

The Thrive software works for us because it is an affordable way for us to measure our social value. For our business, social value is a ‘built-in’ and not a ‘bolt-on’ and so it is incredibly important that the tools we use to measure and report on our social value are flexible as we grow. Thrive was the only tool we found that gave us the flexibility to report and measure what is important to us and our clients, without compromising the amount of financial support we can give to our social value activities”

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