Osborne adopt Thrive to revolutionise social impact reporting

Osborne is one of the leading construction businesses in the UK. As a family-owned business, they are known for having the freedom and flexibility to take a different approach. They focus on creating structures and spaces that provide an environment for people to thrive in and solutions for customers that provide a better experience during the creation. From rail to road, housing to healthcare, however large the project or contract, Osborne has a diverse range of community involvement. Creating, measuring and improving social value from all their activities is key to Osborne’s approach.

Here is what Osborne had to say about their use of Thrive‘s Social Value module:

“Our communities are as important to us as the buildings we leave behind. That’s why we create opportunities to improve local communities, providing a positive social and environmental impact. Social value is considered in all aspects of our business from local recruitment, local supply chain partners, upgrading community facilities, equipment and material procurements, providing works placement, appointing apprenticeships to supporting a local cause. Creating positive outcomes for people and their local area is our key driver and is aligned to our core values and culture.”

To capture the huge scope of our social and environmental impacts we have adopted Thrive as our partner to efficiently measure our performance. Thrive enables us to capture data, understand the financial value and seamlessly demonstrate this to our stakeholders with live transparent reporting/ data.”

Covid-19 has had a devastating effect on the world, businesses, communities and individuals and now more than ever we need a sense of social solidarity to fight back and build our communities again. The Government has issued a PPN06/20 in response to Covid to ensure that public procurement is doing its bit to contribute to society. We are well equipped to support the Government Framework as Thrive has consulted with Social Value experts to adopt the framework in its entirety.”

We are totally committed in supporting our clients to improve people lives through creating opportunities. Our social value programmes are developed with our supply chain partners to deliver positive outcomes that we can calculate and understand the financial value as well as the local personal benefit. Thrive will ensure that our social value data will be captured, enabling us to provide governance around how we collect this information and report on the impact. Our Social Value Steering Group (SVSG) will meet quarterly to review outcomes and review opportunities to improve our standards and to consider the pillars of social value, their impact and review targets?”

Read their full Sustainability Strategy below

Osborne Social Value Sustainability Strategy