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Thrive want to provide all organisations the ability to identify, capture and demonstrate the social, economic and environmental value they add, in order for them to stand out amongst their peers and continue to invest in the communities and wider society.

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What is Thrive?

Thrive is software which we build, host and support. We provide you with your own portal to access your data from your own computer. You can choose who within your organisation you give access to. This can be through a log in or through email links, to remove the need to remember complicated log ins and passwords.

How much does Thrive cost?

We have a range of different modules as well as consultancy options so there is no one price fits all. You may want one option or multiple modules. You may only want to use certain areas of certain modules. We tailor our solution to your needs so that you are getting the best value for your money and paying for the features that bring you the most benefit and bring you the greatest results. Contact us to learn more about how we can fit your needs.

Is Thrive a subscription or a membership?

Thrive is a subscription service and once you have paid for your module there are no extra hidden costs.

Do you provide any ongoing support?

We like to take care of our customers once they are part of the Thrive ‘team’ and regularly provide additional benefits such as evolving software functionality, custom software creation and opportunities for extra press visibility. We also work with customers on getting the best out of their modules, to gain support within the organisation to make sure implementation is smooth and reporting to stakeholders on the value of the investment.

How can I see a demo?

You can see a live demonstration of how the software works, and understand how it can be configured for you. Contact us to see the software at a time that suits you.

Can the Social Value Module map existing data or only forecast?

We can record and measure any data you have available, so the tool can be used to look back at your previous work and calculate the impact of any social value endeavours you have undertaken to date.

Does your Volunteering Module list charity or volunteering opportunities?

The volunteering modules are for organisations who are organising employee volunteering and not for charities to list their requests.

Does your Grant Management module store or make payments to beneficiaries?

No, we manage the requests and data associated with grant applications but payments are kept within the organisation making the payment.

Do you work with the public sector as well as the private sector?

Yes, we have many public sector clients who use our software and the Impact Evaluation Standard to measure the social value they deliver and to assess the value delivered in contracts.

Do you supply central government as well as local?

Yes we have several central government bodies who use our services. If you would like to understand more about how, contact us for a chat.

What social value framework or set of themes and outcomes does Thrive use?

The Impact Evaluation Standard (IES) comes built in to the Thrive Social Value module. The IES is accepted across the private and public sector and is as comprehensive as any other way of evaluating themes and outcomes. However, we also facilitate the use of a range of frameworks to give you the most flexibility of any social value software in the market.

Can I enter my own metrics or are they pre-selected?

There are over 100 metrics built into the Impact Evaluation Standard which cover a wide range of topics however you can also work with us to add in your own, creating a metric list which is completely bespoke to your organisation.

What are the metrics and how are they calculated?

The metrics are in line with the UK government’s Social Value Model and the calculations associated with each metric are based on HM Treasure Green Book Guidance. They have been rigorously evaluated by an independent consortium of Social Value experts and are reviewed bi-annually.

Are the metrics accepted by local and central government contracting authorities?


Where can I learn more about the Impact Evaluation Standard?


Does Thrive track the social value of materials and assets?

At this time we do not have a tool to track the social value or carbon footprint of assets and materials; we currently track human activity and the effect that has.

Can you offer assistance in writing tenders and bid submissions?

Yes our social value consultants can do anything from reviewing your bid submissions to helping you write your Social Value answers in tenders – any anything in between.

Are you able to help with creating a social value strategy?

Yes. Not only can we help you to develop your social value strategy, but also how to translate this into practical ways to capture and report your activities. We can help you tie together existing features of your social value strategy, CSR programmes or ESG offering into one coherent approach that represents your brand and company values.

Do you work with SMEs or large organisations?

We work with both. Our solutions are viable for companies with 10 employees to 100,000s of employees and many of the features can be tailored to your needs to make sure you are not paying for features you don’t need.



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