VolkerWessels UK Volunteering Module Case Study

Watch the video below to get a full sense of how VolkerWessels UK utilise Thrive software to manage their employee volunteering program.

VolkerWessels UK are now able to monitor their volunteering requests from one central place, as well as manage the delivery of the work and the presentation of the results all without creating any more work for those involved.

Watch the video below

The ability to report on the activities that we’re doing very quickly and easily through the reporting functionality, is incredibly important for us. We don’t want to keep these things to ourselves. We want to share the great stories and the great work that we’re doing in our projects with our clients and to produce a report in a matter of minutes is a very important aspect for us.

Emma Ward Head of Sustainability and Inclusion, VolkerWessels UK

VolkerWessels UK’s volunteering module fits in neatly with their other corporate reporting software tool – the Thrive social value module. Learn more on how they have used their social value module to drive a 300% increase in social value reporting.