VolkerWessels UK discuss how Thrive social value module has increased their social value delivery

Watch the video below to understand how VolkerWessels UK utilise the Thrive software to revolutionise not only their social value delivery, but also a range of CSR initiatives – all of which are now driving more engagement and more investment.

Since they implemented the Thrive social value module, social value recorded within the business has increased by over 300%. Staff members all over the country are engaging with the module, without adding to the burden of tasks within their daily work. It has been a win win for all staff involved.

Watch the video below

Thrive has been a catalyst for change within VolkerWessels UK. Since implementation, we have seen a 300% increase in the number of projects capturing social value.

Emma Ward Head of Sustainability and Inclusion, VolkerWessels UK

VolkerWessels UK’s social value module fits in neatly with their other corporate reporting software tool – the Thrive volunteering module. Learn more on how they integrate them and reduce admin time in the process.