Coca Cola Helenic Case Study

Sarah Smith, PR Co-ordinator for Coca Cola HBC said…

“Thrive have provided a unique tool to allow Coca-Cola HBC to manage, monitor and report seamlessly on our community support donations.

Giving back to the local community is core to Coca-Cola’s values and beliefs, and with using this system it has simplified the process and cut down on admin time scrolling through numerous emails.

The application form that we now use allows CCHBC to capture all the required information needed to make an informed decision whether we can or cannot support on this occasion depending on whether the applicant meets the criteria.”


The Problem

Coca-Cola HBC generously provide product donations to charities, voluntary and community organizations whose mission is aligned to the company’s core values. As you can imagine, given the company’s generosity and public profile, it gets inundated with requests for support. The result:

  • An excessive admin task for the Community Team;
  • And team members who were employed to do Community Engagement and Public Relations, spending a lot of their time administering the scheme.

The team had to manually receive applications via email, letters and telephone calls then log these in spreadsheets and then use email again to notify successful and unsuccessful applicants, as well as prepare stock reports for the customer services department and management reports on the donations provided.


The Solution

Coca Cola HBC was seeking a solution to continue to generously support its communities but reduce the time on admin tasks.

Thrive worked with the Community Team to:

  • Develop a standardized web-based application form which clearly set out the company’s application criteria and which could be used as a single entry point for all charity and community applications.
  • Set up a customized dashboard through which all applications could be viewed and managed. Auto-notifications were set up so that applications could be accepted and declined in a couple of clicks and all correspondence with applicants was stored within the system.
  • Build standardized reports for the Community Team, allowing them to effortlessly order stock, report to senior management on their great community work to external stakeholders.


The Outcome – Streamlined, Transparent and Effortless

Having adopted the Thrive system, Coca Cola HBC’s Community Team have:

  • Reduced administration time by 80%,
  • Reduced the number of applications that do not meet their core criteria
  • Enabled the team to connect their community giving with the company’s strategic focus on Youth Development, Water stewardship & Environmental protection and Community Wellbeing