Avanti West Coast Case Study

Working with Thrive has enabled the Responsible Business Team at Avanti West Coast to manage charitable and community donations more efficiently. For the first time we can measure the impact of our donations by requesting updates from each of the customer and community events we support which enables us to demonstrate our social impact back to the business.

Jo Buckley Community Manager for Avanti West Coast

The Problem

Avanti West Coast provides complementary ticket donations to charities and community groups whose mission is aligned to the company’s core values, as well as providing free travel for medical appointments. But as you can imagine, given the company’s generosity and public profile, it gets inundated with requests for tickets. The result:

  • An admin burden for the Responsible Business Team who were receiving applications via email and managing these with numerous spreadsheets
  • Little time to follow up with recipients to get feedback to help Avanti West Coast measure, demonstrate and improve its community investment
  • Cumbersome manual reporting for management, finance and external communications

The Solution

Avanti West Coast was seeking a way to improve its community investment programme which would reduce admin and allow it to showcase its great community impact.

Thrive worked with the Responsible Business Team to customize the system which included:

  • A standardized web-based application form which clearly set out the company’s application criteria and which could be used for all charity and community applications.
  • A customized dashboard through which all applications are easily viewed and managed in a few clicks.
  • An automatic feedback system which follows up with recipients to collect statistics, stories and images from recipients.
  • Reporting on all donation activity with a few clicks

The Outcome – Streamlined, Transparent and Effortless

Having adopted the Thrive platform, Avanti West Coast’s Responsible Business Team have:

  • Slashed admin time by over 50%
  • Significantly reduced the number of charity applications that do not meet their core criteria
  • Effortlessly gathered feedback from recipients to measure and showcase their great community impact.